RagaMuffin Cats of Benchmark

ACFA Double Champion “Miss Franklymydear”

-Blue and Cream with White Tortoise shell-

“Frankie” is a CFA & ACFA Registered RagaMuffin Female.  Below is her First Show Photo Below at 9 months of age!


This girl delights in a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that includes h-e-r!





ACFA Champion “Bette” (Pictured Below)

Odd Eye Sable and White

CFA & ACFA Registered RagaMuffin Female


Many compliments were made by show judges on her amazing coat…


Yes, I am a Diva!”


‘Giverny’ (Pictured Below)

Brown Patched Tabby and White

CFA and ACFA Registered RagaMuffin Female


Giverny has an intoxicating personality…

…she is a natural charmer and knows no strangers!




  ‘ Hardrock Red’ (Pictured Below)

Red and White Bicolor 

CFA & ACFA Registered RagaMuffin Male


Look at those cherub-like cheek pads!