About us/ Benchmark RagaMuffins

In our more than 20 years in the cat fancy and breeding cats, much has changed in both the husbandry of our cats as well as the knowledge and understanding of how to produce amazing kittens!  Improvement takes years to develop.  Here at Benchmark, producing kittens that have great temperaments, are beautiful,  and possess wonderfully plush coats is the result of consistent improvement, however, the #1 emphasis  has always been and will always be on health! Benchmark Ragamuffins are tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV with each litter!  Our cats are also tested and are negative/negative for the HCM gene. Health is the focus for Benchmark Cattery rather than coat color!  Always has been and always will be!  When you purchase a Benchmark kitten you can rest assured you are buying a kitten whose litter was not only planned and cared for properly but whose pedigree is both sound and well-planned.  Benchmark receives many e-mails from past kitten adopters attesting to the loving & SWEET temperaments and delightful personalities that our kittens possess.  Many people have stated that Benchmark kittens have all they sought for in a loving, devoted “family member.” We get many referrals from past kitten buyers or have inquiries from people who have interacted with one of our Benchmark kittens and want to have one for their own!  

Benchmark Cattery is located in Southern Wisconsin.  Benchmark raises RagaMuffin kittens for sale a few times per year.  We are a “small” RagaMuffin cat breeder in that we average just 3 litters per year.  We are located near the Wisconsin / Illinois border with driving distances to Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin –Dubuque, Iowa as well as Minneapolis, Minnesota.  While Benchmark Cattery raises RagaMuffin kittens in Wisconsin, our RagaMuffin kittens often find new homes in states across the nation.

Benchmark maintains only a few RagaMuffin breeding females that are show-quality cats that receive high quality care – and it shows.   Benchmark RagaMuffin kittens are available only to approved homes.  If you are looking for a RagaMuffin kitten with a wonderful temperament for a pet or are wanting a RagaMuffin Cat for the show halls, Benchmark will be able to meet those requests.  We do assemble wait lists for people wanting a RagaMuffin kitten – or a specific color or sex of RagaMuffin kitten.  Our breeding program is known for producing LARGE cats with GREAT temperaments and wonderful plush, silky coats!  Show judges have made many positive comments regarding the coat conditioning of Benchmark’s Ragamuffins cats.  Our pet buyers often say they had no idea a cat could feel as as soft and plush with their silky- soft coats.  Our RagaMuffins are fed Fromm Brand Holistic Cat Food in both dry and canned food. They also receive treats of salmon, tuna and lamb. The adage “you are what you eat,” does apply to a Benchmark RagaMuffin!

Our litters are born in a quiet room where mother and litter are not stressed.  Our RagaMuffin kittens are closely monitored for care, growth and health and are well socialized and are placed as “pre-spoiled” pets.  Our RagaMuffin kittens have been placed in several mid west states including Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana as well as on the east coast, including Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts,  and New Jersey.  Benchmark kittens have also found homes in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia and in the western states of Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Arizona, California and Washington.  Owners confirm great things regarding our RagaMuffin breeding program with many repeat buyers and many referrals from kitten buyers.  To view photos of some our kittens from previous litters, view our Past Photos of RagaMuffin Kittens page.

Benchmark’s RagaMuffin Cats are registered with the ACFA  (American Cat Fancier’s Association) and the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association).  Benchmark is also a proud member of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeder’s Society (TRKBS) http://www.ragamuffinkittens.org .  Members of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society breed authentic RagaMuffins and adhere to an enforced breeding code of ethics.

* Benchmark RagaMuffin Cats or their breeding lines are DNA tested for the HCM Gene and have tested Negative for FeLV (feline luekemia) and FIV (feline AIDS).