About RagaMuffin Cats

RagaMuffins are a large and docile breed of cat.  Their coats come in all colors and patterns and are silky soft and plush to touch.  RagaMuffins  should have a dense silky coat that is often compared to plush rabbit fur and is incredibly soft.  One of the great characteristics of their coats is they seldom mat!  With a once a week light combing, a RagaMuffin cat sheds surprisingly little.  RagaMuffins are known for their calm demeanor, intelligence and kitten-like charm that seems to remain into their adult age.  With their face having a rounded appearance and large walnut shaped eyes, they present a charm that is almost cupid-like.  Another endearing trait is their plumed tail.  The cats at Benchmark often have their tails held high as they move about.  Charm and loyalty are other hallmarks of this breed.

There is no specific color distinction for RagaMuffin cats.  Colors vary from solid colors, tabbies to pointed cats, similar to Ragdoll Cats.  Unlike Ragdoll Cats however, RagaMuffins have multiple coat colors and patterns such as Tabbies, Sables, Minks, Tuxedos, Tortoise Shell, Smokes and Calicoes.  These colors and patterns are allowed with or without white.  Ragdoll cats are a “pointed breed” whose eye color should be Blue while  RagaMuffin eye color can vary from blue, aqua, green, gold and odd-eyed (two eyes of different colors).  To see the variety of colors of Benchmark RagaMuffins  see our  page RagaMuffin Cats of Benchmark

RagaMuffin Cats LOVE people!  Benchmark Cats RagaMuffin kittens especially LOVE people! They are a definite family cat.  RagaMuffins bond strongly to their family members.  Due to their kind, laid-back personalities they are good candidates for families with children.  The typical RagaMuffin does not have a defensive attitude: they possess a gentle nature whose temperament requires they strictly be kept only as indoor cats.  The cats here at Benchmark love to follow their ‘keeper’ purring all the way!  In fact, often is the case when they know you are stooping over to pick them up their purring voices turn on before they are off the floor!

RagaMuffin Cats and Kittens CRAVE attention!  They love it so much that if you absolutely have to type on a computer without a cat stepping on the keyboard – you will need to retreat to a room with a door!  If you are seeking a RagaMuffin cat or a RagaMuffin kitten to add to your household and do not like being ‘bothered’ by a cat seeking affection or wanting to sit on your lap while watching t.v. or reading the paper or having a self-invited guest to your daily nap, then having the RagaMuffin is not for you!

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*Warning!  RagaMuffins are addicted to affection!